Lots of people work on crunches and sit ups in the expectation that they will soon have that flat stomach with a great six pack of abs that they long for, but the fastest way to get abs is to do exercises that target these particular muscles, along with carrying out a plan to reduce the body fat ratio to below 12 per cent. These two actions together will give you the best abs results in the fastest time.

Not every one realizes the importance of body fat when it comes to ripped abs, but once considered, it makes perfect sense. The abdominal muscles are covered with a layer of fat, and the thicker that layer is, the less chance there is for the abdominal muscles to be seen. You know that if you put a pen under a piece of paper, you can still see the shape of the pencil, but put it under ten newspapers, and you are not able to identify the shape the same. So it is with your ab muscles. If they are buried underneath layers of fat, they will not be the well-defined abs you are wanting.

To lower your body fat ratio you need to get rid of some of that excess fat, so follow a good nutritious food plan, and burn off more calories than you eat by cardiovascular exercising. A cardiovascular workout should consist of constant aerobic activity lasting for more than 30 minutes with your targeted heart rate at 80%.

This is extremely beneficial and necessary for you to achieve that six pack you want.

Now, when it comes to abs exercises, the exercises you do need to target your abs muscles. If you are not working the abs properly, then you will not get the desired results.So, when you are exercising, place your hand on your body to find out for sure which muscles are being worked the most – you may be surprised. For example, crunches need time, so doing 100 as fast as you can will not give you the results you hoped for. You need to hold the abs tight for a few seconds for the best results, so this does slow down the number of repeats.

To summarize, make sure your body fat is optimal, so that your abs will be nicely defined, and make sure you are working the correct muscles – this is the fastest way to get great looking abs.

Build your abs fast

Build your abs fast

Can you get ripped abs quickly? That all depends on your state of health and your starting fitness level. If you are used to exercising, and have a basic level of fitness, it will be faster for you to get ripped abs than for someone who is a regular coach potato.

But there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. By taking note of your food intake, and correcting it where it has gone off course – you know, those sugary snacks are not good for you!- you can begin lowering your body fat ratio. It should be in the region of 12 percent. What this means is that if your abs are not covered with tons of fat, their definition will be more easily seen, and you will feel you are getting results faster.

If you have excess fat then no matter how hard you work on your abs, you will never get that ripped look you are aiming for. Your fat will always hide the definition of the muscles, so your first goal is to start reducing your body fat ratio, otherwise all the abs exercises in the world will still not make your ripped abs visible. And what is the point of ripped abs no one can see?

You should find that by spending more time on cardiovascular workouts to reduce your fat level, and less time on abdominal exercises that your abs will gradually appear, and will look ripped whether you spend hours doing ab exercises or not. It all depends on how thick that layer of fat is that is covering your abs. Reduce it and you’ll get your ripped abs fast enough.

Look at what ripped abs can look like!

Look at what ripped abs can look like!


There are many people who want to know how to build your lower abs, and even why you should do so. Working on your core body makes a lot of sense as these muscles link the top and bottom parts of your body together. Your abdominal muscles, if they are used to exercise, will help to reduce back pain, and improve your posture as they help to stabilize and control the body.

Ok, so how do you build your lower abs? These are usually the less well developed abdominal muscles, since your mid section muscles are used constantly throughout a normal day of living and moving around.

Here are 3 exercises for your lower abs:

1. Lay flat on your back on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Lift your legs so they make an angle of 45 degrees with the ground. Lower your legs, but do NOT touch the ground. Raise them again for 10 to 15 repetitions, and then rest.

While doing these. place your hands, palm down on your hip to thigh area. You want to make sure that it is your lower abs doing most of the work, not the hip flexor.

2. Continuing from above, put your hands behind your head and lift your head off the ground slightly. Bend at your knees, and bring them in towards your stomach, then kick them out again. Do not let your legs touch the ground. Repeat 10-15 times.

3. Again this is for your lower abdominal muscles, and follows on for the previous exercise. Bend your legs at the knees, and touch big toes together (your knees will be pointing outwards). With your head still slightly off the ground, and your hands behind it, rock backwards and forwards using your bum as the pivot. You should be able to feel your lower abs working, the exact place you are targeting.

Work on these lower abdominal exercises daily, and you’ll get in great shape. Your general health will be good, and your muscles will continue to support you and work for you whenever you want them to.

Build your lower abs

Build your lower abs