How To Get Six Pack Abs?

When  involved in an exercise program, many ask the question “How can I try to get six pack abs?” They do some abdominal exercises, along with their other exercise routines, but somehow, they just don’t develop those abs into a 6 pack. So what is going on?

There is some good news, perhaps, for those of you who religiously work on your abdominal muscles. The good news is that your six pack abs are most likely there. The bad news is that you can’t see them because of the later of fat covering them! If you have a body fat ratio of more 12% then your abs will not be as well defined. The more fat, the less definition your abs can show.

Ok, so what can you do to get more definition? Lose some body fat, and your 6 pack abdominals will begin to show.

Of course, if the correct exercises are not being done routinely, then that is another reason that the six pack won’t be developed. Lots of people perform sit ups and leg raisers, but these are exercises that don’t work out the abs very much.

Surprised? Doubtful? Try this test. Get into your normal position for doing your leg raisers, and put the palm of your hand on your hip where the hip and thigh connect. Then perform a few leg raisers. You will probably discover that your hip flexors are doing most of the work, not your abdominals.

Ok, so what about crunches? When you perform these, you are supposed to be crunching your abs together hard so they burn, and to do this takes time. If you are going up and down fast, then your “crunches” are not as effective as they could be, and your abs will not be as well defined.

So, think about your abs when you are exercising, and make sure you are working them effectively and you will soon have your very own six pack abs!

Get your six pack abs

Get your six pack abs


We live in a world of instant gratification, where we want whatever we want NOW, and that applies to results from working on our abs. We want perfect abs in a week, or less of course!

Now, is that even possible, or are we setting ourselves up to fail before we even start? A lot depends on your body fat ratio. The more fat that covers your abs, the less chance there is that your six pack abs can be seen, so doing the abs exercises just isn’t enough. You have to make sure you lose the fat over them too. To do this, make sure you eat a nutritious diet, and don’t over eat.

Of course losing tummy fat isn’t enough, you still have to exercise your abdominal muscles, and you have to make sure that you do them correctly. So make sure that your exercises are working the correct muscles. Put your hand on different areas as you exercise, to see which muscles are being worked most by each exercise, and this will help you to know when you are targeting your abs. By strengthening your abdominal and midsection muscles, you are strengthening your body’s core muscles, which will lead to better posture, and to a stronger back, which is something many of us struggle with.

As with everything in life, make sure you have an optimistic outlook, but one that has realistic expectations too. You do not want to aim so high that you get discouraged when you don’t get success straight away.

So, in conclusion, the answer to “How Can I Get Perfect abs in a week?” is to lower your body fat ratio, while working on an appropriate cardiovascular program, with an optimistic mind set, and build up your abdominal muscles while you work on strengthening other muscles too. Follow this plan and you will be well on your way to perfect abs in a week, assuming you have already been exercising and are not starting from being a couch potato.

Get perfect abs fast

Get perfect abs fast